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Cinderella Pet Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established to help animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. We rescue, rehabilitate and prepare them to be adopted into responsible, loving homes. We are a NO KILL shelter located in Mission, Texas, and care for many animals while searching for the right home to match up with each pet. We offer these wonderful animals to people who show a sincere desire to help their new pet have a better life; people who share the goal of Cinderella Pet Rescue to make hairy-tail fairy-tales come true and provide animals with the "happy ever after lives" they deserve. That is how CPR saves lives and shares happy tails!

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CPR is saving lives & providing "happy ever after tales" for abandoned animals in South TX
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Saturday, February 3, 2018

N 10th St, McAllen
Volunteers respond to messages on our phone line and our website emails. 
Call 956-391-4399
We have a lot of dogs and cats who need good homes. If you would like to provide a loving home for a pet (as a temporary foster parent or as a new owner), please fill out our application and contact us about meeting your new best friend. To see a few of the many animals that are currently in our care please go to the "Dogs" page or the "Cats" page. If you don't see your "Prince Charming" among the pictures let us know what you are looking for and we can contact you if he shows up. But consider the fact that sometimes an animal that may not look like your dream pet, if given the chance, can turn into the most wonderful best friend you could ever have.

We also offer a variety of services as part of our program. Occasionally we have dog training classes where people can learn how to handle their dogs more effectively. As part of our program, each "student" also helps train one of the rescue dogs as well as learning how to train their personal pet. It benefits everyone.  

If you are interested in adopting a new pet please bring your imaginary "glass slipper" to Cinderella Pet Rescue and see if it fits one of the many pets that are ready for you to "try on." You may just find your own "Cinderella" or "Prince Charming" when you come.

Because we are a nonprofit organization most of the work is done by volunteers. We always need help of every kind. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated by us and the animals that need you so much. Whether you want to do office work, clean kennels or stalls, bathe animals, walk dogs, or just relax and pet a cat, we need you. Your efforts can make the animals' lives more pleasant while they wait for their forever homes. There is something for everyone to do, so volunteer today! And if you don't have time to volunteer you can still help out by donating items or money to buy food and supplies (crates, beds, towels, blankets, toys, shampoo, brushes, litter boxes, food & water dishes, collars, leashes, flea and tick prevention products, vaccinations, fly spray, etc.) . There are always a lot of mouths to feed. Veterinary expenses really mount up. Every penny helps! Because we are recognized as a 501(c)(3) with the federal government your donations are tax deductible. So help us turn the "pumpkin into a carriage" by donating time, money or supplies to Cinderella Pet Rescue so more animals can be touched by a little magic. Be their "fairy godparent" and give them peace and joy today as well as the hope for a better tomorrow. Do your part to help make some hairy-tail fairy-tales come true! 

Do you live a long distance from Mission, Texas? If you fall in love with the picture of one of our animals and want to come and meet the pet let us know. We have worked out a discounted room rate at a great bed and breakfast in the area. 
Our main shelter location is in Mission, TX, but we have foster homes in various parts of the valley. 
See our current fundraising projects!

Or, better yet, take me home
and give me my own bed!
Of course, I'd rather have your lap than a new bed! But if you can't share your lap please get me a new bed!
If you can't take a pet home then provide a nice bed for them until they get adopted.
Cinderella Pet Rescue