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        P.O. Box 533, Penitas, TX  78576
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Cinderella Pet Rescue Needs:
Cinderella Pet Rescue is a non-profit rescue group that isn't funded by anyone. As such, we are always seeking donations of anything that will benefit the animals. As a 501(c)(3) your donations may be tax deductible.
 This is a list of some of the items we always need:

  * Storage Buildings
  * Wire kennel crates (2-door preferred)
  * Dog houses
  * Dog & cat carriers
  * Dog & cat beds  (Kuranda & Coolaroo style, plus traditional material beds)
  * Towels, wash clothes & blankets
  * Kitty litter (scoopable, clumping)
  * Exercise pens
  * Collars & Leashes
  * Dog food  
   (Any meat first ingredient dog food; ex. Costco' Kirkland Chicken, Vegetable & 
    Rice or Kirkland Lamb, Vegetable & Rice; Kirkland Puppy Chicken and Pea
    Formula. Also ground/chopped style canned food.
  * Cat food (Purina (Purina Cat Chow Naturals) dry adult and kitten (Please no
    foods with lots of food coloring because it causes gastro-intestinal problems); 
    also canned food (ground or paté)
  * Secure storage containers for pet food
  * Dog & cat treats (Pup-peroni is a favorite among the dogs)
  * Dog & cat dishes
  * Cat towers & climbing furniture
  * Kiddie pools or similar dog pools
  * Clear plastic storage containers (all sizes) 
  * Styrofoam Ice Chests to make into warm cubbies for the kitties when it's cold
  * Microscope (to check for parasites)
  *  Heartworm Prevention products (ex. Heartgard Plus, Tri-Heart Plus,
  *  NexGard for dogs (flea & tick pest control)
  * Simparica for dogs (flea & tick pest control)
  * Bravecto for dogs (pest control & mange treatment)
  * Advantage-Multi (dewormer, heartworm prevention & mange treatment)
  * Revolution for cats for flea prevention and dewormer and ear mite treatment
  * Yard & kennel spray for pest & odor control
  * Wooden posts and t-posts for new dog pens
  * Fencing materials, 6' tall 2"X4" non-climbable horse fence works great for dog
  * Pen shelter materials (lumber, cement, sheet metal roofing, etc.)
  * Hoses
  * Hay
  * Grain (Equine Senior, etc.)
  * Brushes & combs for horses, dogs & cats
  * Clippers & grooming tools
  * Shampoo for horses, dogs & cats
  * Toys for dogs and cats
  * Dog "pooper-scoopers"
  * Wheelbarrows (all types)
  * Buckets (2 gallon) available at Tractor Supply
  * Wash rack for bathing dogs
  * Grooming table
  * Vaccinations (dogs, cats & horses)
  * Dewormers (dogs, cats & horses)
  * Computer & printer
  * Copier
  * Training videos (ex. Caesar Milan)
  * Picnic tables, weather resistant chairs and benches
  * Portable pop-up tent/covers for shade when showing dogs at adoption events
  * Tarps
  * Maintenance equipment
  * Ladders and portable steps
  * Air conditioners for Cinderella Room and Kitty Castle
  * Fans
  * Heaters (safe portable heaters for cat rooms in cold months)
  * Building materials to create housing for more animals
  * Paint & supplies
  * Tools to build and make repairs
  * Cleaning supplies, disinfectants, sanitizers, and odor control (ex. Rescue,
  * Zip ties for exercise pens
  * Shower hooks (plain metal for hanging signs)
  * Rubber gloves (reusable and disposable)
  * Baby scale (digital preferred)
  * Pill Pockets & other pill concealing "treats"
  * Pill dispensers (twice-a-day pill keepers)
  * Paper towels
  * Toilet paper (for the volunteers!)
  * E-collars (all sizes)
  * Thermometers
  * First aid supplies (for pets and people)
  * Spray bottles
  * Shelter/building for our transportation bus
  * Awning for one side of transportation bus
  * Window tint for transportation bus
  * A dedicated medical building
  * MONEY to pay veterinarians and to buy everything that isn't donated

Help us pay the veterinarian and spay/neuter clinic!

If you want to help out financially and aren't sure what to do, please make a direct payment toward our bill at the veterinary clinics. 
-We use Mission Veterinary Hospital (956-585-1656) and N 10th Street Animal Hospital (956-467-5776) for routine care and emergencies. 
-We use the RGV Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic (956-687-7728) for spay/neuter surgeries. 
Any money credited to our account at these locations would be greatly appreciated. 

Use to search the web:

Registering with and using the search engine can help benefit CPR whenever you search the web. And when you buy products online many companies donate a percentage to the cause of your choice. Please make sure the "cause" you select is Cinderella Pet Rescue.

Amazon Smile is another way you can help support the animals just by choosing Cinderella Pet Rescue as your selected charity to benefit. It costs you nothing but a small percentage of your purchases is sent to Cinderella every quarter. So start using Amazon Smile, it is the same Amazon, just with the bonus of charitable support.