Cinderella Pet Rescue
        P.O. Box 533, Penitas, TX  78576
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Click on a picture for more information about each cat. Pink frames are females, blue are males.
New, lower adoption fees on certain cats:
 adult cat:                   $     75
 2 adult cats:                    100
 kitten (under 6 mo):        100
 2 kittens                          150 
 senior cat (7 yrs +)           50

  Cat Whisperers Needed!
The cats featured below are all very timid, preferring only minimal human contact. While most of them will allow some petting while they are eating, and none of them is aggressive, it will take a person with special "cat whispering" skills to make a pet of them. 
Lazarus, aka "Laz"
Darwin and Nova are currently in foster care. Sister Nova tends to be very bashful so we're hoping she will be adopted with her confident and affectionate brother, Darwin. Click on their pictures for more info and then call Tabitha, their foster mom, at 956-358-6344 for an appointment to meet them! Special rate applies! 

If you think you might be that person, click on their photos to see even more pictures of what beautiful kitties they are. If you're interested in meeting them, and perhaps working with them to give them more confidence, call Debby at 956-240-0325.
Niko is currently in foster care with our director, Suzanne. Call her at 956-391-4399 for more information.
BJ and Buddy Boy are pals who were rescued from a local RV park together. They are currently in foster care. They are best of friends who would love to go together to the same forever home. Do you have room in your home and heart for these two somewhat-timid boys?
Pumpkin, below, is a very special, loving senior cat, who needs to find his forever home. He loves people, but needs to be the only pet in the household. Click on his picture for more details.
Emma, below, is a young calico cat  who is as sweet as she is pretty.

Call Debby at 240-0325 for more information on this lovely lady.
Call Nelda: 956-309-5029 for more info.
These elegant Siamese kitties were the pampered pets of a kind-hearted couple who recently passed away. Their daughter is now seeking a home (or homes) for them. Sam (short for Samantha) is thirteen and the boy named Sue is ten. They have been together since he was a kitten. We would normally ask that cats who have been together this long not be separated, however, the couple’s daughter reports that they merely tolerate each other and would probably prefer to be the only pet in a household, in order to claim all the attention. If you happen to fall in love with both of them and have plenty of love to give them, they would probably be content to continue tolerating each other.

These beautiful kitties were neutered and declawed when they were kittens. They are used to a comfortable, quiet home, without disruptions from small children or other animals. They would make ideal companions to a senior person, or couple, who would continue showering them with the attention and affection they have come to expect. Call Debby at 956-240-0325 for more information.

We are Siamese, if you please!
Adoption pending!
Adoption pending!
Now available at Petsmart, 7600 N. 10th, McAllen