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Lauro and Theresa
Born about September 1, 2019, Lauro and Theresa had a rough start, losing their mother while still tiny kittens. They were bottle fed in foster care from the age of 10 days and, as a result, became very tightly bonded. The picture at the right is just one example of the love they clearly share. Because it would be a cruelty to separate them, we require that they be adopted into the same home.

This should be a delight for the family adopting them since both of these sweet kitties is extremely affectionate with people. They love to cuddle up to humans, snuggle and give their human friends the gift of purrs!

Thanks to their two dedicated volunteer foster moms, these two grew fast and are now as big or bigger than young cats fed by a cat mom. They are very healthy and playful.

They both like to play with ice cubes in water, to play with bubbles, and Lauro even likes to stand in his water dish when he drinks!

They are adventurous, fun-loving and, of course, adorable.

Perhaps you have room in your home and heart for these two very special kitties.

A reduced adoption fee will apply for adopting them together.